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Eyeshadow Tips That Will Make Your Routine A Whole Lot Easier

Have you ever looked at new eyeshadow palettes? Were all of the shades appealing? Choosing eyeshadow palettes can be difficult. There are many things to make us not like them at first glance, so I’m going to help you with what to look for. 

Stick to Nude Shades

Curious of what eyeshadow palettes you should be on the lookout for? Nude shades are the most useful eyeshadow palettes. They were created with all skin tones in mind. It has a range of brown, taupe, beige, and champagne shades. These shades will allow you to do neutral daytime looks. Nude eyeshadow palettes are a must for beginners, companies like Dose of Colors carry shades like these. They are versatile and can be worn to almost any occasion. 

Get a Variety of Shades

Have you ever opened eyeshadow palettes and one shade caught your eye? It is never a good idea to purchase a palette because it contains one perfect shade. Make sure it has a good variety of shades. It is always a good idea to choose a palette that will bring out your eyes. Knowing what palette complements your eye can make all the difference in your everyday makeup. For all you beautiful blue-eyed ladies out there, try earthy tones. When you have gorgeous green eyes, try purple tones. And ladies with brown eyes, you can wear almost any color and pull it off. 

Be Familiar with The Shades

It is important to pay attention to skin tone when choosing eyeshadow palettes. Are you wondering how a certain shade of eyeshadow would look on you? Have you heard of swatching? Swatching is when you apply a small amount of each eyeshadow shade in a row on your forearm. Swatching will help you get an idea of how the shades will work with your skin tone. Many eyeshadow palettes look a bit lighter or darker on your skin than they do in the palettes. The darker your skin tone, the warmer your eyeshadow should be. 

In Summary

Knowing what shades the best complement your eye is the first step to making your eyes glow. It is attractive to match your eyeshadow with your eyes. When you have some free time, play around with your eyeshadow palettes. Don’t be terrified by eyeshadow palettes. Test out different looks and experiment with all the shades, practice make perfect. You will not only get out of your comfort zone, but you just might surprise yourself with a rocking eyeshadow. At the end of the day, eyeshadow is supposed to be fun! Check out all kinds of shades offered by Dose of Colors.
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