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Major Benefits of Using SMS Marketing Services

As the business world is increasingly getting competitive, brands seeking to outdo their competitors must incorporate SMS marketing in their list of marketing tools. Most digital marketing agencies have continued to overlook the significance of SMS as a marketing tool, denying their clients the much-needed communications with customers resulting in a reduced ROI.

Unfortunately, most agencies perceive that mobile marketing demands massive investment in applications and does not support customized targeted communication. The other misconception is that text marketing offers shallow analysis and cannot adequately support ROI. However, in terms of accessibility, mobile communication is much more accessible than believed, and networking with mobile consumers is effortless as all you need is to convey a personalized text message.

That said, let’s look at the key benefits of using SMS marketing services.

It’s a direct, immediate medium

SMS falls in the category of the most immediate platforms available, with a 99% delivery rate and 97% read rate within 10 minutes of submission. So, with SMS marketing, you can be confident that your time-bound messages will be delivered and read immediately. A whopping 45 percent of SMS drives generate an effective ROI, hitting over 50 percent when coupled with other influential digital marketing tools such as social media, email, etc.

You can get to understand your customers better

SMS is a great platform to get responses from your clients through surveys. Studies reveal that, on average, 30% of the targeted audience will give their feedback through the SMS within 10 minutes of delivery. This means that you can get incredible results in no time.


Text messages are pretty affordable, mainly when acquired in bulk. Compared to conventional marketing methods, such as print media, Tv, and radio, text marketing remains the most affordable of all.

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Unlike email, SMS application does not contain a spam filter or spam box. Regarding safety, cellphone SMS messages are safer than email, which delivers all sorts of suspicious attachments. In addition, delivery takes place within a 48-hour window for the sake of phones that are powered off or not within the signal range.

Sending an SMS is simply inboxing your clients; that’s why it is deemed one of the most reliable means of communication.


As you can see, there are many benefits to using SMS marketing services to popularize your brand. So, if you are yet to embrace SMS marketing, know your business is missing an excellent opportunity to extend its ROI.… Read the rest